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The island of Jamaica is located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea 144 kilometres south of Cuba. The area of the island - 11 424 km2, the length - 235 km and the maximum width - 82 km. Half of its territory constitute the mountains, from the highest peaks - Blue peak reaches 2 220 meters. In Jamaica, more than 120 rivers, waterfalls many unprecedented beauty, mineral springs. Here, fertile soil and beautiful landscapes, wonderful coastline with sandy beaches, bays, Gulf and the coastal reefs.

Jamaica is a lush wilderness, many rivers and waterfalls fairy-tale beauty, emerald meadows and mysterious forests, beautiful bays and coves, endless golden beaches. Many hotels are working on the system All Inclusive, and thus pay for the pleasure you will not have to: tennis and minigolf, discos, daily show, yachts, catamarans, water skiing and even scuba gear - all already included in the price. In doing so, the choice of hotel "interest" on the island just big enough. In some rest only pair, there are hotels for families with children, for honeymoon hotels, etc. However, the main thing in Jamaica not only comfort and excellent service, but also the unique, relaxed atmosphere, which is characteristic only for Caribbean islands. What you quickly see and feel here will always return to you, you hear the volume worth rhythmic songs-Bob Marley, or simply the sounds of reggae.


Jamaica humid tropical climate. The average annual temperature on the coast about 27 ° C, in the centre of the country - about 22 °. In August and September are possible strong winds, high in the mountains the temperature can drop to +10 ° C. North-east winds and evening breezes from the mountains on the coast maintain a pleasant freshness.


The population of Jamaica is about 2.5 million inhabitants, of whom 78% live in cities. Modern Jamaican - Blacks-they are descendants of slaves, whom the Spaniards and then the British imported from Africa for the sugar plantation labour (indigenous people of Jamaica - the Indians - were exterminated). Negro among Jamaican - more than 75%, the rest - mulatto various degrees of confusion. For most of the religious affiliation of the people of Jamaica - Protestants, there is also a small number of Catholics, but also preserved sinkreticheskie African Christian sects. The official language of Jamaica - English. However, Jamaican dialect spoken has little to do with literary English. There are many words from various African languages and very distant from the English pronunciation. Therefore Jamaican dialect is sometimes considered a special Creole.



Capital - Kingston.

Currency - Jamaican dollar. Payment in U.S. dollars, traveler's checks and major credit cards.

Time - the time difference with London -5 hours.

Transportation - in most hotels transfer from the airport is included. The fare for a taxi with a driver are encouraged to negotiate in advance.

Visa - is arranged at the airport upon arrival, worth U.S. $ 25. It must be passport (validity period of not less than 6 months at the time of entry into the country), a ticket back and confirmation of hotel bookings. Airport tax when flying - $ 25

National cuisine - filled with exotic and combines the traditions of Spanish, African and Chinese cuisine. Popular seafood, marinated and roasted with pepper and onion. It is known to try exotic fruits, Jamaican rum and coffee "Blue Mountain".

The electrical voltage - the standard 110 volts, but in most hotels - 220 volts.


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